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Lers Ros Thai

730 Larkin St San Francisco, San Francisco, California, United States       February 7, 2015
  • Lers Ros Thai
  • Lers Ros Thai
  • Lers Ros Thai
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The trip to Les Ros on Larkin leaves indeed leaves one's stomach in a tight knot. It is by the way located in the Tenderloin. Once you make it, it is all worth the adventure--Tenderloin-style. So happy that the restaurant itself was very clean.

Les Ros is modern and contemporary. The plates are geometric and sparkling clean. It is not a huge restaurant but spacious enough.

They offer over 110 dishes to choose from so I am sure you or your picky friend will find and enjoy something. Overwhelming since they have so much choices. Here is what we tried:
~7x7 BIG EATS 2012 #45: DUCK LARB Les Ros Thai's Duck Larb was good. Should you eat it before you die or is it worth dying for--cholesterol and all?
Yes, it was delicious with chopped pieces of flavorful boneless duck skin and meat in citrus-lime dressing. 

My verdict for this 7x7 dish is it is a delicious salad but so was almost every dish that I had at Les Ros. It is worth ordering but it did not send me to foodie heaven. 

~#17 YUM KOH MOO YANG (Pork Shoulder Salad with Spicy Lime Dressing)~ An appetizing dish of thinly sliced pork on top of basil, side of cabbage and generously drizzled with lime, chili peppers and herbs, this dish reminds me of LECHON (Filipino roasted pig.)

Other notables   ~ RED CURRY W/ BEEF
                          ~MARINATED BBQ CHICKEN W/ SWEET & SOUR SAUCE
                          ~YELLOW CURRY WITH TOFU 
                          ~STIRFRIED EGGPLANT W/ BASIL.

The curries were of the right consistency which should not be too thick or watered down. The flavors are lovely and complex and "come alive" in the palate spicy but I love spicy.

Overall  come here is you want Thai food that would not disappoint with great service. Les Ros Thai is the place to bring Thai food novice and purists. The dishes are guaranteed delicious and the flavors bold. The portions are generous and reasonably priced. 4 stars!

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