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Cafe Din Din

207 Middle Ring Rd, Sanpeesur, Chiang Mai, North, Thailand       February 11, 2015
  • Cafe Din Din
  • Cafe Din Din
  • Cafe Din Din
  • Cafe Din Din
  • Cafe Din Din
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“Really good food for fast food”

Love the soft shell crab egg fried rice so went back for a visit. Really good food for fast food, the one criticism is they use the same dressing for all the salads and didn't taste as fresh as other places. Otherwise the place was busy, good service, nicely done and had a good atmosphere.

“Thai fusion at its best”

Cafe Din Din has moved. It is now in a quasi rural setting in a Soi off the Mae Jo Rd at the U turn bay about half way between the inner and outer ring roads. If coming from Chiang Mai turn left and if from Mae Jo turn right into the Soi next to the Captain Paint shop. It's about 500 metres along.

The new restaurant is set at the back of an attractively designed car park. The architecture is post modern industrial with glass walls, mat black steel frame, bare concrete floors and heavy timber furniture. The design is quirky but not kitch with a gorilla statue at the entrance, bright yellow rubber ducts nesting on green artificial turf on the tables and fruit drinks served in large glass jar mugs sipped through a straw in the screw on metal lid. The place is really quite nice.

The crowd is predominantly well dressed Thais in their 30s but not the pretentious yuppie, silver spoon in the mouth, poor little rich kids found in Nimimheimen. We got there at 6.45 on a Monday night and by 7.30 the car park and restaurant were full. The word has got around despite the obscure location.

The Facebook page says Din Din is both cafe and fine dining, in fact it is half way between and really well done Thai fusion. The menu has an extensive list of Thai dishes, a selection of what is described as apetitisers but in fact mainly salads, a selection OS steaks, beef, pork and chicken and a pasta selection, mainly spaghetti dishes.ball are really good in fusion style. The sands are Western Thai style with red hot nam jim dressing. The steaks come with salad. The desert list is also good as are the teas and coffees, no instant crap here.

The drink list is not huge but good. The glass jar mugs of fruit drinks great and the beer Lao fabulous as usual.

Service is excellent from the large open style kitchen and the prices reasonable. 500 baht for a main, drinks and coffee for 2.

Given the setting,the food and the price this is the best Thai fusion restaurant in Chiang Ma by far. Get there soon before everyone else finds it.

“Popular trendy fusion near Mee Chok Plaza”

Went here for Sunday after a number of recommendations from friends. Located on the busy inner ring road near Mee Chok it is set in the quasi basement of a modern building near a string of new condos. It has screened shiny concrete floors and walls, blackboard painted ceiling, pulled down roller blinds and solid timber and steel tables and chairs. A trendy industrial wine bar feel.

Seating is for 50 to 60 and at 1pm it was almost full with young Thais and half refilled again before we left. Service was good. Meals are prepared in an upstairs kitchen serviced by a dumb waiter. Food was Thai fusion and at 80 to 140 baht for mains looked good. Reasonable beer and drinks list with teas and coffee. I had the crispy Pad Thai - the crispy being still crisp but slightly sooty nachos served with a medium size barbecue prawn and the usual condiments. Delicious. Tawan had the steak which was tender and tasty for Thai beef. Deserts also looked good.

A good local choice. It goes on the list and we will definitely be back. Only drawback is the limited parking on a busy road.

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