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Little Lanna Restaurant

Nimmanahaeminda Road Lane7, Chiang Mai, North, Thailand       February 12, 2015
  • Little Lanna Restaurant
  • Little Lanna Restaurant
  • Little Lanna Restaurant
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Sun - Thu 11:00 - 9:00

Fri - Sat 11:00 - 10:00

Cuisines: Thai

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“Excellent local delights!”

Authentic traditional Northern Thailand food selection . Reasonable price and great staff! there is also a little souvenir and gift shop for the tourists. Many antiques are available for sale or just browsing. Impressive wooden architecture and compound.

“Classy yet reasonably priced Thai food”

I don't give out five star reviews to restaurants unless they wow me. This place wowed me - multiple times.

One part style and one part substance, it's quiet enough for those romantic dinners and a great place to chat with a new networking person (and Chiang Mai's a great place to meet them!). 

It's not perfect, naturally - you do pay a premium for the style, and I wish their musical selection went beyond covers of Western songs. Between the ambience and excellent food, I'll accept the former and forgive the latter. Worth taking friends to.

“Attractive restaurant but bland food”

If we had been served this meal on the street for a quarter of what we paid, we might have been satisfied. However, this restaurant relies more on style than its food and style was what we paid for. Offerings were small, not as pictured. A small plate of veggies (carrots, cukes and green beans) came with the meal and looked tired and dry. There was no accompanying sauce or seasoning for it.

A mushroom main dish appeared to be more of a condiment. Large lettuce leaves deceptively filled the plates. The pumpkin sauce on another dish was so bland as to be unrecognizable. Again, side vegetables lacked character and flavor. I wish I could be more positive but for over 600 baht, we expected more.

The support staff was pleasant and prompt. The location is great for strolling. There is parking. All of these things help to draw in clients but it is the food that really tells the tale.


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