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Pad Thai Hah Lot

Chang Klan Rd, Chiang Mai, North, Thailand       February 5, 2015
  • Pad Thai Hah Lot
  • Pad Thai Hah Lot
  • Pad Thai Hah Lot
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Cuisines: Thai

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“Pleasantly Surprised”

Had dinner there last night with family and friends and will definitely be returning for another excellent meal. Our host for the evening, Paul had booked a table overlooking the Ping River. As we arrived early we got to see the setting in daylight and it was lovely. When darkness came it did not disappoint. The food was extremely good; the choice of food delighted our Thai daughter-in-law. From beginning to end the staff were professional and attentive. The highlight for my grand-daughter was when one of the waiters made her the cutest little rabbit out of a napkin - it is now sitting in the fridge. Well done for the little things that make an evening special, to the excellent food.

“Shockingly bad customer service ”

We went here at the end of December because it was recommended in one of our guide books. The setting and ambience is beautiful. The service was absolutely horrendous. Our food came at different times- they clearly forgot my main course and my family was done with theirs before mine came. I had to remind them, and they were hardly apologetic about messing up. Entrees also were delivered before appetizers. The people delivering the food literally dropped off the plates at the end of the table and ran off, without announcing what the dish was or who it belonged to. We had to stand up to flag someone down as no one came to check on us at any point during our meal. The manager was completely feckless and had the audacity to charge us for the entree, which as I said came after everyone else was finished with their mains. After I complained to him he agreed to take my main off the bill and give us a 10% discount, which I didn't feel was appropriate given how horrendous our experience was. He didn't even come to deliver the final bill- he sent a girl who didn't speak English. The whole bill was also in Thai, which doesn't seem prudent to me considering the amount of foreigners there, especially as the menu was in English. 

Hugely disappointing, avoid this place!

“a giant food extruder”

after a recent visit (haven't been since they moved….)

perfect for local/regional visitors, special for the ones who love ALL their food to arrive w/i 10 mins of ordering, the waitress was hard-selling chang export beer, and kept opening new bottles, even we didn't order (thats a thai thing) the food was tasty, BUT plenty of MSG or "rot-dee" so a no-no for me, as i have a strong intolerance to it.

(its getting very hard to find restaurants that do not use it, when instructed not to use it, they all dutifully write it down and it still is in the dishes, 99 % of the time)


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