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86 Moo 3, T. Sanpakwan, Chiang Mai, North, Thailand       February 6, 2015
  • Banwangtan
  • Banwangtan
  • Banwangtan
  • Banwangtan
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 Cuisines: Thai  

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  “Beautiful setting, indifferent food” 

Banwangtan Restaurant is like a hottie who skates through life on looks and charm: why bother trying very hard when you look this good?

Our lakeside table was perfectly fine, as was the live music. It was the night of Loi Krathong and moderately busy, but the restaurant appeared to be understaffed. We ordered three dishes: a serviceable tom yum gai, a modestly portioned and mediocre vegetable stir-fry, and a fried squid appetizer that clearly was warmed over from god-knows-when and served with a glug of what appeared to be bottled catsup.

After a few bites my wife and I looked at each other and said the same thing: "Not interesting."

Adding to the disappointment was the fact that Banwangtan Restaurant is very difficult to find. Winding through the darkness on our way there, we were thinking: "Oh boy, a hidden gem." Well, we had the "hidden" part correct.

Our "poor" rating was on the hairy edge of being three stars, not two. Chiang Mai is full of much better restaurants that can deliver on ambience and culinary excitement. But for our review Banwangtan's beautiful looks worked against them: a beautiful property in a glorious setting deserves a much better kitchen. We'll come back when the food lives up to the promise. 

“Good foods, good value,good environment!”

Foods always good and fast. We went there many times it always quiet with good music, only sometime it's like the singer was practicing, not terrible but funny! We like it there though, whenever we think about good food and quiet, we always go there.

Food is not expensive, very good value, also fast.

Nice lake view and fountain.

We always sit by the lake! 

“Peaceful Retreat...Great Food”

The setting of Banwangtan is incredible. The day I went with a couple of friends offered the perfect setting...a rain shower had stopped and the view from our table presented a rainbow over the lake. The food is an outstanding representation of local foods and some well known national Thai foods as well. The service was excellent and we couldn't have had a better afternoon anywhere. I highly recommend Banwangtan for lunch or dinner.


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