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Cuisine De Garden

Nongkwai, Chiang Mai, North, Thailand       February 6, 2015
  • Cuisine De Garden
  • Cuisine De Garden
  • Cuisine De Garden
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Cuisines: International
Dining options: Reservations

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“Avantgarde for the dining scene in Chiang Mai”

It's a breath of fresh air after many meals of local food in a row. They do a set menu allowing you to choose from a small selection for each of the courses. They are creative which makes the meal fun, and it tastes good. It still needs a bit of refinement to get to what they want to achieve on some dishes (i.e. adding fresh spring onions to their truffle carbonara fettuchine as garnish completely destroys the aroma of the truffle) but certainly worth a visit if you're in the area (short drive from Veranda resort). Decently priced wine.

“Unique for Chiangmai”

We made reservation few days in advance since this restaurant can only catered around 20pax per night.

The restaurant is located rather out of the way ... on the way to Baan Tawai if coming from city centre.

This is definitely unique dining experience for Chiangmai and we are so glad there is a place like this. The enjoyment and the excitement of waiting, seeing and tasting from the very first course all the way to the end was great. Slight disappointment of the dessert ... too simple/basic compare to what we enjoyed from previous courses.

Creativity for some of the dishes .... very good.

The service did not match the food ... we have to ask for napkin ...should have been there from the beginning. We also have to ask for bread ... again, this should not be the case. So that was a bit disappointing. However, they actually did not add the service charge to our bill due to their shortcoming of their service ... that was a surprise to us and good on them to acknowledge.

Don't expect to be full ..full after the meal ... if you want to then you may have to order extra dishes. However, for the price they are charging for the set menu .... on the low side for this type of experience.

I would definitely go back when they changed out the menu ... back and try what they have created once more.

“Almost there”

This little restuarant is a family run operation and they do it really well. They serve only set menu with selections under each category or what they call "Chapters". There were some hit and miss but more hits than misses.The foie gras, black mussels, scallops, wagu beef were very good. The experimental dishes like nitro citrus sorbet was just pure show and leaves your tough numb. The orange egg Yok was more like Muji of orangina. But all it all, it's worth a visit and great support for local young Thai Chef. They will surely improve with time. It's just very different from other cuisines in Chiang Mai. Worth a visit !

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