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Chao Nang

The Empress Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai, North, Thailand       February 6, 2015
  • Chao Nang
  • Chao Nang
  • Chao Nang
  • Chao Nang
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 “awesome Buffet”

We have lunch with International buffet, many food counter; Sushi and miso soup. Dim sum, Shabu shabu that we can select, Grilled bar with beef, pork, chicken and fish. Salad bar,roasted sausage and cream soup. Mainly Thai food with many items. Luxery Desserts bar, fresh crepe.and fruit.there is Live music band to play during Lunch time. This place is recommented to visit with reasonable price.

“Do NOT come for dinner. Breakfast and lunch are a good deal.”

I've been to Chao Nang for the breakfast and lunch buffets which have good quality food and fairly good variety.

Breakfast is crowded as many hotel guest have free breakfast included with their stay, and lunch is crowded but not as much.

Breakfast boast an omelet bar which is good, and they have fresh waffles with real maple syrup--difficult to find in Thailand.

Lunch has a pasta bar, and the pasta sauces are not ketchupy sweet--a BIG plus. In fact, they're very good. There's also a gril for satay and unlimited condiments (peanut sauce, cucumber relish, etc.)--also very good.

Breakfast and lunch buffets cost around $7-$8 USD and present a very attractive value.

Dinner, on the other hand, is a bust. Sure they light candles and there is a ratio of 3-4 servers per patron. That's because I was the only one there most of the time. A few other patrons came and went.

The buffet offers the pasta and satay bar just like the one offered at lunch, but most of the offerings are infused with pork. Very little if any chicken or beef.

There are no drinks. They charged about $2 for water.

Total bill for one person with buffet and water was almost 600 baht or $20 USD. This includes "service charge" (mandatory tip) and VAT tax. That the dinner buffet offered less than lunch and was priced almost three times more (without that price being posted anywhere) is what prompted this assessment of the value on offer. Breakfast and lunch are excellent values.

It's no wonder I was the only one in the restaurant most of the time.

If seclusion is what you're after, that's what you'll be paying for. 

“Buffet Food With Great Variety”

Saturday is our family "eat out" day. My wife suggested we try the Empress hotel buffet.

Chao Nang Coffee Shop is the house restaurant of the Empress Hotel in Chiang Mai, located off Chang Klan Road. The hotel is set back off the main road and has it's own street entrance off a side street. Getting there is not hard but as with most places here in Chiang Mai, parking is lacking. We arrived at about 11:45am and had to park in the outermost parking lot - not a long walk but anyone arriving later may not have found much parking.

The buffet is open from 11:30 to 2pm and has a good selection of foods - sushi, duck, cooked to order pasta, pork or beef steak, noodle soup, prepared foreign foods, Chinese specialties, dim sum, salad and dessert and fruit. At 290 baht (about $10US) it's not a bad price for the selection. Coffee, tea and water are free.

The service is great. Usually buffets are slow to take away used plates or refill water glasses but I have to say that our waitress was quick, efficient and silent as she went about keeping our table cleared and our water glasses filled. In a town of "regular" good service, this buffet stood out for me.

The food that was hot was supposed to be hot and the food that was cold was supposed to be cold. I ordered some penne that was cooked with garlic butter sauce by a Thai chef who spoke decent English - I was very surprised. I sampled just about everything and found nothing to be lacking in flavor and everything to be seasoned well. My only complaint would be that the miso soup was a little short on miso and not as hot as i would have liked but with all the other foods, I consider this faux pas minute.

For the price, this buffet is a great value. Look, if you wanted to you could eat only duck and probably consume the price of the buffet but what fun would that be.

If you are looking for a quiet buffet, come after 1pm. This is when the restaurant empties from the rush and the noise of people enjoying food quiets down. You can even here the piano player and singer that accompany your meal.

Chao Nang is great for families with kids and there appeared to be seating for smaller special occasions.

As with all my reviews there is a bathroom check - conducted by my wife and step-son. Both report clean bathrooms, western style toilets in good working order with sink, soap and paper towels to wash your hands.


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