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Ruen Tamarind

Rajdamnoen Road, Chiang Mai, North, Thailand       February 6, 2015
  • Ruen Tamarind
  • Ruen Tamarind
  • Ruen Tamarind
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Cuisines: Thai
Dining options: Reservations

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“Restaurant Ruen”

The food in the restaurant was excellent but a bit pricy but as a treat well worth the money as in all Thailand wine is expensive. There is lots of choice, the staff are very attentive and you want for nothing. The surroundings are lovely and very nice sitting by the swimming pool having dinner.

“Best meal we had in Thailand in 2 weeks but very pricey”

We had a ton of great food all over Thailand, but this was probably the best overall meal we had. We had several entrees from each of the different regional menus on offer and the food was uniformly excellent. Not much to say about it other than that it was an excellent meal and we left full and satisfied. However, for 2 of us, the bill was about $70 USD out the door and that was for about 3-4 entrees, dessert and I think 1 appetizer. No alcohol or wine or anything. The meal was excellent but worked out to be the same price as a higher end United States Thai restaurant, which is quite pricey compared to other places we ate all over Thailand. Great food though. Also, the mosquitos buzzing around at night were quite uncomfortable (we had to eat outside next to the pool because the place was full), although the staff ran over with a bottle of repellant after they saw me swatting around my head.

“Hotel dining room worth a visit”

one night it was pouring and we just couldn't get up the energy to go out. We enjoyed the hotel restaurant and ended up sitting there for three hours talking to other guests and relaxing. The food was very good.

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